Know Africa Challenge Game Instructions


KnowAfricaChallenge is a tournament system that allows you to compete with others with mulitiple layers of play. For each layers, there are prizes to be won, television show, mentoring and an ultimate prize. The details of these are contained in the How To Play.

How to start

Visit OR join us through our twitter handle or facebook. Sign up for an account OR Login if you already have an account

Log In

Provide your username and password to login to your profile

Your Profile Page

This is your home page. It contains all the information that KAC have about you. It also contains additional information like Your Payments and Your Transactions and your current balance. Your profile page allows you to change your password and your token.

To Buy a game

You need to use the money on your account to buy a game. Click here to recharge OR add money to your account.To get to the Game arena, click on Games on the top right section beside the logout link of your profile page.

The Game Arena consists of
Your Current Games

Games you have purchased and can be played OR previously paused. The bottom line is those are the games you can play. To play any of the game, click on Play Now

Play Now

Your Completed Games

This is a list of all the games you have played within a single tournament. Remember you can play as many games as you like within a single tournament. The one with the highest score get considered for you. To see the details of your performance in any game, click on the

NOTE - Chances are your Current Games will be empty if you dont have any game purchased or have finished playing all that has been purchased. To purchse New games for an open tournament, click on Purchase Games
Purchase Games
This list all the OPEN tournaments whose Games you can buy

Select an OPEN tournament and Click on Purchase Now

If there is enough money on your account to purchase the game, the game charge[Amount] will be deducted from your balance.

If there is not enough on your account to buy a game, you will be prompted to recharge.

Play Now

Make a recharge from your profile page
- Click on your profile [ Your picture beside the logout]
- Click on Games
- Click on Purchase Games
- Click on Make aRecharge
- Select your recharge option Voucher OR Online Recharge
- Follow the instruction to recharge your account

HINT -You can skip this process if you have enough money on your account balance to purchase a game.

View a Tournament Ranking

The deal in KAC is to compete with others by taking some challenges as fast as you can.

To view your performance relative to others, there is a Rankings option on the top right corner of your screen which shows your position relative to other players for a particular tournament, provided you belong to the top 100.

To View Ranking

Click on Rankings

Click on a challenge whose Ranking you want to view [ OR Click Finished on the right of the tournament ]


At any point of the game, you can get back to your profile by simply clicking on your Picture frame on the top right side of the screen beside the logout.

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