How it works


  • KAC is about competing with knowledgeable others by answering questions about Africa – History, Geography, Culture, Sports, Current Affairs etc.
  • Participants are rewarded in the weekly, monthly and yearly Challenges (National and Continental)
  • KAC is structured to be entertaining, educative and rewarding


  • The KNOW AFRICA CHALLENGE (KAC) Competition opens to the public on Monday July 23, 2018.


The following are prizes to be won in KAC Monthly Challenge


  • The first person to score 991 Points out of 1,000 points for the month wins N1 Million. If no player achieves the 991 points target over a 6-month period, then the player with the highest score for 6-month period shall win the N1M star Prize.


  • 1st Position Wins N50,000
  • 2nd Position Wins N25,000
  • 3rd Position Wins N10,000
  • 4th To 10th Positions Win N2,500 each
  • 11th To 28th Positions Win N1,000 each


  • The First 100 ranked participants or 10% of the month’s ranked participants, whichever is lower, proceeds to Stage 2 of the competition
  • Half of the Participants that qualified for Stage 2 then proceed to Stage 3 from where the Best ranked three (3) participants are selected.
  • The 3 Participants selected then Qualify for the end of the year National Competition/Challenge with other monthly Qualifiers where 3 Winners (Gold, Silver and Bronze Winners) will emerge and be rewarded in a Reality show of Quiz and Debate. The first National Challenge comes up on or before December 31, 2019. Prizes shall be N2M (Bronze), N5M (Silver) and N12M (Gold) among other prizes


Prize Winners will be requested to upload their photographs and account details through which payments will be made to them. Kindly note that details of winners and photographs may be displayed by KAC or used for advertisement by KAC.

Above prizes are introductory. Number and values of prizes may be reviewed as the competition progresses. Look out for the list of prizes you stand to win from month to month.


  • Log in to Home –
  • Click on "Get Started"
  • Fill in your details in the spaces/fields provided especially the mandatory fields to register. Note that certain fields cannot be changed after registering
  • Click ‘agree’ to the ‘Terms and Conditions’
  • An email is generated and sent to your registered email address with a code to be used when purchasing a game from your Wallet
  • Once you sign in you will always log in with your Email Address and Password


  • Log into your account using your email address and your password
  • Once you log in, your profile is displayed
  • Fill in your address for referencing
  • You can then change your password and pass code if you wish
  • You can seize the opportunity of the BONUS using the Bonus code to first load your wallet with N250. Thereafter make payment
  • Click on your Wallet (Icon with card display and Naira sign)
  • Click on "Make a Recharge" and that takes you to the Payment PLATFORM(s)
  • Click on "Make Payment"
  • Use your Debit and Credit cards to make payments into your account/ Wallet
  • Your card is secured as KAC uses Zenith Global pay
  • Note the https
  • You can now decide to play Game after payment
  • You can pay any amount into your wallet but minimum to play a Game is N100
  • NOTE: You can only load your Wallet with a Naira Card and receive your prize with any account in any country. We are working with our Bankers to enable foreign card payment too.
  • You may need to register your card with your bank or using ATM machine for use online
  • Recharge card/voucher option will be introduced in due course


  • Click on menu and select ‘Game’ and "Purchase Game"
  • Input your passcode sent to you at the point of registration/signing in or as changed
  • Once you purchase a game, N100 is deducted from your Wallet at any point
  • Go back to menu and click "Play Game"
  • You now have access to the game and you can click "start challenge"
  • You may play as many times as you want in a challenge
  • The system automatically ranks your best performance


  • Each question weighs 100 points
  • 50 points for correct answer, 50 points for time taken
  • Maximum time allowed for each question is 120 seconds (2 minutes)
  • If you answer a question within 120 seconds your score is weighed depending on how fast this is done
  • But if you answer the question after 120 seconds then your score will be zero for timing


  • The system automatically ranks you based on your score in the challenge
  • You can check your ranking/position immediately complete/end your game
  • If you take a challenge more than once, the computer takes your best/highest score for ranking purpose


  • As indicated above, The National Challenge is billed to take place on or before December 31, 2019
  • Please go through the literature tabs to understand KAC plan


  • Pictoral Directions on How to Play, Load your wallet and other actions can be found in INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO PLAY tab on the Home (Landing) page

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