Frequently Asked Questions


  • What is ‘Know Africa Challenge’ competition all about?
    ‘Know Africa Challenge’ competition is a competition to reward people on their knowledge of Africa. It was borne out of the idea that people should be celebrated and become stars not only by their looks and ability to sing or act alone but also on their brilliance. Before now you see reality shows all over Africa rewarding special abilities to either sing, act or look good (beauty). KAC will reward and make a star out of knowledgeable people on Africa. We promise that ultimate reward for National and Continental Winners shall be life changing! The competition is all about Africa and opportunities in Africa for Africans and people interested in Africa.
  • When did the Competition start or when is it going to start?
    This competition takes off by September 01, 2015. All Africans or persons interested in Africa from all over the Globe / all around the world can immediately participate. Winners anywhere will be contacted wherever they are based and rewarded accordingly. But ultimately, the competition will be segmented into different African countries i.e. each country in Africa will be autonomous. Timeline for this will vary depending on when necessary Logistics can be put in place based on our expansion plan.
  • Who is qualify to contest in KAC Competition? Is there age limit?
    All Africans in Africa and in Diaspora. Non Africans with interest in Africa can also participate. All the 54 African countries will have separate competitions and we also plan to have separate competitions on the continents of North America, South America, Asia and Australia. KAC Competition is opened to every individual who can read and write and knowledgeable on Africa. In essence this can mean children and adult starting from age 10 and above. Only that any participant below the age of 15 will need parental guidance A wiz kid of 5 years of age can also participate
  • Is KAC Competition weekly, monthly or yearly?
    KAC Competition shall have programmes that will be weekly, monthly and annually in all countries. There will be many segments and types of competition.
  • How can someone participate or qualify to participate in the KAC Competition?
    There is a competition where you pay a token to qualify to participate while your performance and the raffle draws will make participants to be rewarded in different forms weekly and annually. There will be some other competitions that are free and you can still win and even win the grand prize as National and Continental Finalists
  • What are the prizes to be won?
    Prizes will vary from time to time and will be pre announced by Management for different challenges. Prizes shall range between $50 and $200,000 weekly, monthly and annually. But the star Prizes for National and Continental gold winners will ultimately go as high as $1 Million once the competition is fully established and adequately sponsored. These will be announced at appropriate time as competition goes on.
  • When is the first National Competition going to take place?
    The first National competition will take place December 2016.
  • When is the first Continental Competition going to take place?
    The first Continental Finals will be when the Competition has been fully established in at least 6 African countries. We see this happening by December 2017 going by our expansion plan.
  • Is the Competition being sponsored by any organization?
    The KAC Competition does not have Sponsors yet. However, we look forward to sponsorship by Banks, Telecoms companies, Regional Bodies as well as OAU in the nearest future. We shall collaborate with OAU ultimately to make the yearly Continental Gold Winner OAU Ambassador for the succeeding Year.
  • When is the Competition going to be all over the Continent? When is it going to be totally continental?
    We envisage that it may take about 5 years from inception for the Competition to be firmly established in all African Countries. Say by year 2020 KAC Competition should be in most African countries and other Continents.
  • Is the Competition only organized in English?
    The Competition will initially be in English but will later be in French to take care of the French speaking African countries.
  • Who are the Promoters of the KAC Competition?
    The Promoters are experienced and knowledgeable successful individuals all over Africa. Profiles can be found on our web site.
  • Will Africans in Diaspora qualify to contest?
    We plan the KAC Competition will also be extended to other Continents so that Diaspora Africans in each Continent will also take part in the Continental Finals. Thus Asia, North America, South America and Australia Winners will have the opportunity of taking part in the yearly Continental Finals.
  • Can Non Africans contest?
    Yes. Non Africans with interest and knowledge of Africa can also participate. Maybe one day we will have Non-African Africa Ambassador.
  • Any other information for participants?
    This competition is for real and very soon many people will have testimonies to share. Do not be left out!


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